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        Unarmed Defense for Women

Being able to defend yourself is especially important for women. Being armed with a firearm is not always an option. As an alternative, we offer classes on self-defense for those occasions. We are very fortunate to team up with "Agoge Fitness Systems". Their focus is providing real world, self- defense techniques that work. The instructors have taught these techniques in dojos, Universities and to employees in different Embassies and Consulates throughout the world.  


You have the right to your own personal autonomy. Our Women's Self Defense Course helps ensure you keep that autonomy.

This is not a martial arts class. Martial arts classes are practice sessions that allow you to build upon and develop skills and attributes over time. This is an introductory course aimed at steering your natural defensive actions toward maximum effect. Over the course of five weeks, we will explore how to take advantage of the inherent weakness of the human body and how your natural flinch and fear-based reactions can be guided to help create space for you to escape a would-be attacker. We will cover strikes, blocks, escapes from holds and chokes, and how to escape and prevent sexual assault.

Classes are customized to the individual students' capabilities and needs and are very low according to our

students that take his classes!

Contact Chief Instructor and owner Dave Hall (205) 706-3295 to schedule classes.















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