Women Only!

Girls Guns and Gear


This class was developed specifically for ladies. Over a period of 3 days 4 of our Instructors (1 female)met with manufacturers of gear designed for women at the International Shot Show. Examples of women carry gear and clothing will be available to examine and try on if desired.

The first half of the class is dedicated to firearm safety, the different types of firearms, how they operate, gear used with fireams, proper shooting techniques and firearm manipulation. The firearm classroom portion is culminated with live fire of up to 35 available guns and ammo of which the top 10 firearms purchased by women are included. This allows women to determine through live fire which firearm fits their physical capability and needs before shopping for the best price! The last half of the course concentrates on

Situational Awareness

Firearms and children

Making your home safe

Safety in the general public

Options on Carrying a firearm

Clothing for Concealment

Legal Defense when protecting you, your family and others

Discussion on our Unarmed Defense  Classes at Agoge Fitness Systems

All of CAFT Classes allow the student to return to the range and practice with the tutorial of an instructor

on the range while classes are in progress. We will supply the targets, eye and ear protection. Our goal is to help the students progress safely in their capabilities. We do request a 15.00 donation if the student is able.  100% of the 15.00 goes back to the range for upkeep.