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Women Only!

Girls Guns and Gear


Our Girls, Guns and Gear Course was developed specifically for ladies, and we limit attendance to our female students.  We believe this provides for a friendly, non-judgmental learning environment and we can correct anything your husband/brother/father taught you! (Just kidding)


The first half of the class is dedicated to firearm safety, the different types of firearms, how they operate, proper shooting techniques and firearm manipulation. We have more than 45 handguns available for you to fire. We focus on the top 10 firearms purchased by women. This allows YOU to test fire and select the handgun that you are the most comfortable with. We provide a list of the handguns for you to take notes. This allows you to be the best informed when you shop for a tool that may save your life, or the life of someone you care about. We will also direct you to locations that will work with you to provide the handgun of your choice for the best price! 


The second half of the course concentrates on:

Situational Awareness

Firearms and children

Making your home safe

Safety in public areas

Options for Carrying a firearm (Many you may not be aware of)

Clothing for Concealment

Legal Defense when protecting you, your family and others

Discussion on our Unarmed Defense Classes at Alabama Sasquatch Systems


CAFT has several examples of holsters, purses and clothing designed specifically for the ladies. You will have the opportunity to examine and try on if desired. We will have access to the weapons (ALL UNLOADED) to try while testing the gear. CAFT We also provide you discount codes from several vendors for ordering their products.


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