Intermediate Defensive Handgun


The Intermediate Defensive Handgun class is designed to teach a student the proper method of drawing from a concealed position, rapid engagement, managing malfunctions and reloading in a defensive environment. This class is a required prerequisite to our Defensive Concealed Carry Class. It is also a recommend class to those that wish to take the first steps to learning defensive handgun techniques. Those that may have the ability to perform the above functions and can demonstrate or show prior training  may skip this as a prerequisite to the Defensive Concealed Carry Class.. The techniques taught were derived from the best training elements of US Marshal's, former National Intelligence Asset Operators, Police, , I.C.E. Training Company, NRA, USCCA, USMC Quick Reactionary Force, Army and Air Force training.

Gear needed to take the class:

Semi -Auto Handgun- Striker fired recommended with no active safety

Inside or outside the waistband holster- Kydex preferred 

        Women may bring a Purse specifically designed for Concealed Carry with a holster inside or trigger guard  holster

150 rounds of ammo

spare magazines at least 2 but 3 or more preferred

magazine holder for 1 or 2 mags if you wearing a holster.

We will supply Electronic Hearing protection and eye protection if needed.

Class length is 4 hours