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Beverly Alldredge


Beverly started shooting at the tender age of 3 with her dad’s assistance. She has enjoyed shooting throughout her life. She loves teaching others and enjoys removing the fear people have about firearms.


Beverly is  passionate about everyone’s right to protect themselves & their family. Women, in particular are some of the strongest protectors of their family – they may lack confidence in their skills.  Training can remove that barrier. 

Beverly is instrumental in developing CAFT'S  New Women's only Defensive Concealed Carry Class for 2020.

Beverly has always believed anyone can do anything they want to – they just have to invest the time & energy to prepare themselves. She looks forward to teaching anyone interested in learning.

Beverly believes everyone has something to teach others & invites you to come to class and let’s learn together.


Beverly is an NRA certified Basic Pistol Instructor.  She is especially passionate about women and their unique needs in the areas of Concealed Carry and Personal Protection.

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