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David McCullough, Chief Instructor at CAFT giving Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event to a Saturday event held at a local church with over 800 attending the seminar.

Active Shooter Drill at a local Alabama business put on in conjunction with the local police department. The role player with firearms are instructors Michael Andrews and Brooke Garrison. Instructors Mike Edfelt and David McCullough are the safety officers.

Civilian Response to Active Shooter event is a customized course using elements FEMA IS907 “Active Shooter-How to Respond” and the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event (CRASE) part of ALERT (Advanced Law Enforcement Response Training) designed by Texas State University Dr. Peter Blair. The program combines classroom training and if the companies wish, desktop drills or an actual physical active shooter drill can be carried out. It is best to include the local police in the actual scenario drill to allow the personnel to interact with their responding local departments.

Active shooter response training is an invaluable tool for any person to learn as the student learns about the responses people typically have in stressful events, how best to respond to these events to survive. It is impossible to prepare for every event that may present itself but how to best respond to the context of an event can be taught.

This Seminar is given at NO Charge. (No written materials are provided but a pdf file maybe given to the requesting company so materials may be printed or distributed to the students.)


Security analysis of corporate facilities and Active Shooter Drills can be performed. The cost of each service is based on the size of the facility and the number of employees. This service is performed by members of CAFT that have performed such services to global fortune 500 corporations throughout the world. When and Active Shooter Drill is performed, local emergency, law enforcement and nearby businesses are notified a drill will be taking place. Law enforcement and Emergency Personnel are invited to participate for safety and realism. Contact us for an estimate for your corporation.