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"I took a wonderful firearms course today by David McCullough. I have never shot a gun in my life and was scared to death. David and his instructors made the experience fun I would recommend this class to everyone!!!"

​ JoAnne O'Leary Foster, Birmingham, AL

"I cannot praise this class enough! The instructor is very patient and extremely knowledgeable. He can make anyone feel comfortable with a firearm. I have had ...most of my family take his classes and aim to repeat them just to improve my skills. I would recommend his classes without reservation. Women, in particular will feel at home with the style of instruction which covers everything from basics on up. Even someone who has never touched a gun will leave feeling very comfortable with the operation and selection of a suitable weapon."

​ Steven Helm, Birmingham, AL




"Very good course on proper use, carrying, aiming, etc of pistols. they were patient with me having a revolver, but the course is more enjoyable with a 9MM. Bring lots of ammo...they like to practice to make perfect."

Tom Robinson, Birmingham, AL​

Today I had a training with Steve McCornack a certified trainer with CAFT. It was beyond AWESOME. Steve broke down the 5 fundamentals of good shooting to a very simple to understandable format. In addition, he covered basic firearm safety. Highlighting several very important habits to form beyond don't touch the trigger (The only basic I was aware of before training). The one hour session flew by and the improvement to my precision was obvious. Previously I had gone to a range and shot a couple of mags, but my grouping was all over the place. After being "McCornacked", 90% of my groupings fell within a 3 inch diameter. A very satisfied client.

Michael Adlespersger, Birmingham, AL

"What an experience! I have been handling and shooting pistols for over 50 years and these good folks taught me so much and have given me so much more confidence, it is hard to really express. Informative and FUN! Best money I've spent!"

Jonathan Amsbury


I have taken 2 classes with this group so far and intend on going back. They inundated us with practical scenarios, and as always their training is top notch. Very professional instructors with practical experience. They treat you like family from the moment you walk in the door. Most of all everyone felt safe which is super important with some of the drills. Each student has their own instructor which makes the training that much better.

Highly recommend taking their classes and the unarmed defender classes at Agoge Fitness. These classes are super educational and the instructors are absolutely fabulous.

Heather Gallagher, Birmingham, AL

"I took the Dec 15, 2015 class and it was excellent!! Barbara Snider So enjoyed class and instructors. Your dedication is obvious. Thank you for so much help on the range"

Lilia Densmore Brown, Birmingham, AL​

"I've taken the home invasion course and the concealed carry course. Both of which were a great step in learning safe and tactical techniques in defending one's self. The instructors are very friendly and will work with you to get you to perform better. If you are a hot shot, they will push you to be better. Safety is their utmost concern, and everyone appreciates that. I believe anyone who intends on concealed carrying should take a course like this. It will open your eyes to possibilities you never thought about. The best part about taking a class with CAFT, is that once you take a course, he will let you come back and take the same course as a refresher whenever it is offered for no cost. These people care about citizens being armed and ready."

Zac Meadows

"I took a 9hr class with David and his team a few Saturdays ago it was very well informative on everything to do with conceal carry and proper procedures. Even up to making that call after you have had to engage someone. I went in thinking I was a good shooter and left with knowing that I did not know anything and will get myself killed if I don't do proper procedures and informative training. Get a few of your friends and go learn from the best."
Carter Johnson, Birmingham
"I absolutely loved this class! They are the best instructors! Can't wait to take another one!"

​ Patty Roll, Birmingham, AL




"I had never even held a gun. I took the Basic Pistol class and it was great. I was able to make a decision on the gun to purchase and have since been firing it. The class was enjoyable, informative, and between David, Don, and Dave Garrison, we each had one on one help. Excellent class! Plan to take the Home Invasion Class."

Judy Popwell Knight, Birmingham, AL​




"Today Jared and I took a class called Fundamentals of Home Defense Handguns with instructor David McCullough and it was fantastic. He is a great instructor...patient, professional, informative, knowledgable, and fun. If you are carrying a gun or have one in your home, I highly recommend a course with David. We plan on going back!!"


Margaret Gilder Cox, Birmingham, AL

I have taken several classes at CAFT and I have to say that these classes are first rate. The material taught and the drills we are put through are all very much needed for real life critical events. The instructors are the absolute best. They are very patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and most importantly, they run a very safe range. Although we learn new and sometime unfamiliar drills, I never feel unsafe. There is always an instructor standing right with you to answer questions, give tips and advice, any corrections needed, and actually perform the drill if you do not understand what Is being asked of you. I plan to take as many classes as my schedule will allow, as even when repeating a class for practice, I learn something new. Thank you Central Alabama Firearms Training and each and every instructor for taking your time to teach us things we cannot learn anywhere else in our area. You go above and beyond what any other instructors have gone in any other classes I have attended in this area. I can tell that you all do this to help the students learn and learn to protect themselves and be safe. You all are like family and it show. Being able to take a class that could be a very stressful situation is made very enjoyable by the friendly manner in which each instructor communicates with the students and keep it light and humorous. Makes for a very good learning environment. My thanks to each and every one of you! David, Michael, Don, Brooke, and everyone else who has been so helpful.

Wenda Tindell Nichols, Birmingham, AL

My wife & I have had the opportunity to attend multiple training classes at Central Alabama Firearms Training. Without a doubt these classes have been some of the best, well organized and taught classes I have attended. The instruction they provide from the classroom, at the range and during the real life situational simulations is excellent. The entire team at Central Alabama Firearms Training is some of the very best, highly trained and qualified Instructors I have trained under!! I highly recommend anyone seeking firearms training and preparedness regardless of your current abilities to contact David McCullough at CAFT and enroll in an upcoming classes. Trust me you will not regret it!!!

John McRee

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