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Dan Street

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Dan is originally from Norwalk Ct. He started his law enforcement career with the Weston police Dept. in 1982. He then joined the Marine Corps and served as Military police. He was part of the Marine Corps rifle and pistol team and on occasion has provided security for President Reagan. He was honorably discharged and joined the Boca Raton FL Police dept. and after seven years transferred to The Satsuma Police Dept., Satsuma, Al. Dan is currently employed with Brinks Armored car for the last 14 years as the regional firearms trainer for Northern FL., Alabama and Mississippi. Dan is a certified NRA Law enforcement Handgun and Shotgun instructor, NRA private Security firearm instructor (Handgun & Shotgun), Florida “K” License Firearm Instructor, Alabama Certified CT1 and CT2 Firearms Instructor. Dan is the qualifying Agent for Brinks in the State of Alabama. He has attended several FBI Active shooter classes. He holds an USPSA NROI (National Range Officer Institute) and enjoys shooting competitively in USPSA, IDPA matches. 

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