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Scott Recchio


Scott Retired from the US Marshals Service in December 2018 with more than 22 years of service. 

He was a Supervisory Inspector since 2008. 

He has been a Firearms Instructor since 2004. (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center FLETC)    

Became one of the first US Marshals Tactical Training Officers in 2011.

Member of the US Marshals Training Advisory Committee since 2015. 

Deployed and operated as a Member of the US Marshals Special Operations Group for more than 7 years.

Scott is a Less Lethal instructor, Advanced Handgun Instructor (NTOA) as well as an Active Shooter Instructor (NTOA)

Scott served more than 7 years in the US Army, Military Police Corps, and served as a Police Officer in Winston-Salem, NC prior to joining the US Marshals Service 


Scott assisted in developing and implementing a tactical training program focused on standardizing tactics across the country for the US Marshals. He initially taught the program and then trained the trainers. The program was implemented in 2011 and is still being taught today. Scott has provided training to deputies and task force officers from every state and territory of the US. In addition, he has provided basic and advanced weapons training to our allied partners in foreign countries. His training has focused on close quarter battle, tactical deployments and operational planning.

Scott continues to train our allies as a contractor for the Department of State Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance program. 

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