Introduction to Handguns

Topics Covered

  • Rules of safe gun handling

  • Functions of the semi-automatic and revolver handguns

  • Ammunition malfunctions

  • Basics of shooting a handgun

    • Eye dominance

    • Two hand grip

    • Aiming

    • Sight alignment

    • Sight picture

    • Breath control

    • Trigger control

    • Follow through

  • Cleaning your handgun



Required Gear                                     

  • Electronic Ear protection (we will provide electronic ear protection if needed)

  • Eye protection (we will provide eye protection if needed)

  • Ammo if you are bringing your own handgun



The price for this class is $150.00  This covers materials, range fees, targets, ammo for class firearms and the use of class firearms.   Students bringing their own firearms will be allowed to shoot them as well. If you bring your own firearm please bring your own ammo.



Our experience has shown us on multiple occasions that a new shooter buys a firearm without at least shooting a similar model and then finds that the firearm is not a “good fit” for the purpose it was intended.

Students will receive basic instruction on gun safety from revolvers and semi-automatic hand guns, the different types and how they work, the various types of malfunctions, storage, cleaning and proper shooting techniques.  A variety of handgun and calibers (ammo included) from 22LR to 44 magnums will be on hand (Approximately 30+ different handguns) to shoot after the initial range firing with the class revolvers and semi-automatics. Instructors will be with each student on the firing line. Students will receive a certificate of completion after demonstrating the proper use of a handgun.

An example of most of the Firearms  students are able to shoot in the class. Plus a few not shown!! 22LR to 44 magnum! Glocks, Colt, S&W, Sig Sauer, Ruger, Springfield, to name a few.
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