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Church Security Training


Churches are in unique positions when it comes to protecting their congregations. Churches generally have been perceived as “Safe Havens” for anyone that enters. On the other hand, Churches have also been where the troubled go to seek comfort and solace. However, violent attacks have been on the steady increase in houses of worship. How to SAFELY Shepard the flock is a dilemma faced by every Church today. 

Our goal of Central Alabama Firearms Training is to help your Church Shepard your flock based on your needs and our capabilities. Our focus will always be to keep the problem away from your congregation.

Our Church Security Training is customized to the individual needs of the Church. The training typically last 2 full days. It consists of classroom training on various topics, live fire training exercises (200 rounds minimum needed), Stop The Bleed Training with live scenarios, Church site evaluation and StressVest Scenarios. The StressVest Scenarios are implemented at the Church to "evaluate" security plans and take place in the church. 

Contact us and allow CAFT to bring the broadest and most comprehensive training to your Church Security Team.

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