Church Security Training


Churches are in unique positions when it comes to protecting their congregations. Churches generally have been perceived as “Safe Havens” for anyone that enters. On the other hand, Churches have also been where the troubled go to seek comfort and solace. However, violent attacks, have been on the steady increase to houses of worship. How to Shepard the flock is a dilemma faced by every Church today. It is especially hard for mega Churches due to the sheer number and size of the facilities. However, mega churches usually have the manpower to build an internal security team or hire an external team. Small churches, on the other hand, are also faced with challenges due to size, age of the congregation or financial situations.

Our goal of Central Alabama Firearms Training is to help your Church Shepard your flock based on your needs and our capabilities.

Our base Church Security Training is customized to the individual needs of the Church. The base training typically last 2 full days. It consist of 6 hours of classroom training on various topics, live fire training exercises (250 rounds minimum needed),  First Responder Stop The Bleed Training with live scenarios (see "Stop The Bleed under Training"), Church site evaluation and StressVest Scenarios. The StressVest Scenarios is implemented at the Church to "evaluate" security plans and take place in the church. (Usually a Sunday afternoon or another Saturday)

Central Alabama Firearms Training offers the broadest training available to Church Security Teams in the State of Alabama.

We offer Unarmed to Armed including StressVest Scenario Training. Our Unarmed is taught by 3 seasoned Martial Arts instructors that have taught the public, embassies and consulates throughout the world to college universities. Our armed training is taught by seasoned retired U.S Marshal Tactical Training Officer,  Law Enforcement, U.S.M.C. Quick Reactionary Force Weapons Instructor, I.C.E. Training Firearms Coach, USCCA Firearms Instructor, Army, Air Force, National Intelligence Asset Operators and NRA Instructors.  Our StressVest gear is the most sophisticated scenario training gear in the world. It is used by the top Elite Government Agencies and Central Alabama Firearms Training is the only training group in the Eastern United States with this training capability.  Using this gear we run real life scenarios to provide realistic training, evaluations and determining weaknesses in your own facility.  This system allows us to train using safe blank firing weapons utilizing lasers that allow engagement with attackers even through glass. Hit counters with vibration  and or electrical stimulation provides feedback to the StressVest wearer. Using this feedback provides training in the church without fear of marking or damage to the surroundings.  Only 10 other private companies in the US have this gear.