Introduction to Carbines

Topics Covered

  • Rules of safe gun handling

  • Breakdown of carbine components and their use

  • Operation of the carbine

    • Firing

    • Unlocking

    • Extracting

    • Ejecting

    • Cocking

    • Feeding

    • Chambering

    • Locking

  • Carbine operating systems

  • Carbine accessories

    • Handles

    • Optics

    • Triggers

  • Disassembly and reassembly of the carbine

  • Cleaning tips

  • Stoppages/Malfunctions

  • Range rules and live fire exercises


Required Gear

  • Electronic ear protection

  • Eye protection

  • Ear and eye protection will be provided if needed.



The cost of this class is $200.  This covers materials, range fees and targets, guns and ammo. A variety of AR platforms will be provided to fire.  

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This class is designed for the new purchaser of an AR-15 Rifle to get them started on the path to understanding the firearm, tear down, safety and the basics of using a AR Carbine.  The class design is to give the new shooter a starting point on AR safety, general information, options to customize, shooting basics and an in-depth overview of tear down and cleaning.