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Cliff Melton


Cliff Melton is a contractor for security company that is contracted through the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service. His previous security experience was for the Department of Energy Savannah River Site as an Evaluator, Special Response Team Operator specializing in Helicopter Door Gunnery. He was also was a member of the Security Police Officer Training Competition Team that competed nationally and winning the United States Secretary trophy for 3 consecutive years! He is experienced in the following: Pyrotechnics, room clearing, response for special nuclear material recapture, vehicle assaults, heavy machinery gunnery, chemical biological nuclear response. He is also certified as a CPR instructor for the American Red Cross, Instructor for LE rifle, shotgun, pistol, handcuffing, baton, OC, defensive tactics, and a National Weapon Detection Training Program Instructor. He has participated in force-on-force exercises as an evaluator as well as an OPFOR member for multiple DOE nuclear sites. Cliff is a licensed real estate agent with EPI Real Estate. He is married to Natalie Melton and has 3 children.

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