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Roy Smith

Roy Smith is a Training Counselor for the NRA and has Training Counselor credentials in Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home and Outside the Home, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse To Be A Victim, NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading, NRA Basic Shotgun Shell Reloading and Alabama Hunters Education Instructor.

Roy graduated from the University of Alabama with a BS in Civil Engineering and the US Army War College and Master of Strategic Studies.

He is a Professional Engineer licensed in 40 states and specializes in microwave tower analysis and remediation.

He retired from the U S Army with over 41 years of distiguiished service from Enlisted through Colonel. He served the army in many positions from the Commander of Ft. McClellanAssistant G4 at the Divison level to the US Army Command and General Staff College and the Army War College. 

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