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The StressVest® system

Central Alabama Firearms Training is the only Group in the Southeast with this training system.

In the entire United States only 10 companies in the private sector have the equipment and ability to train others using this sytem.

The StressVest® system is the most advanced force on force training system available - it is the world’s first non-projectile, force on force, firearm tactical training system capable of creating stress through a pain penalty without fear of projectile injury or damage to the surroundings for training law enforcement, military, security and corrections officers and civilians around the world. The system utilizes training firearms that fire a laser pulse which activates the StressVest® when it strikes center mass. Depending on the setting, the vest will either deliver a vibration or a safe, localized shock to the abdomen.

The StressVest® system is utilized throughout the world by some of the most distinguished groups in the world, A few are:

US Secret Service (USSS)
US Federal Law Enforcement Training
Center (FLETC)
US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
US Navy - Security Forces (CNIC)
US Air Force Space Command (AFSPC)
US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA)
US National Security Agency (NSA)
US Pentagon Police Department (PFPA)
US Department of Energy - HQ (DOE)
US Custom Border Protection (CBP)
US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
US Department of Homeland Security - ICE (DHS)

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