Defensive Concealed Carry Handguns- With StressVest Scenarios


The  Defensive Concealed Carry Handguns- With StressVest Scenarios was developed by Central Alabama Firearms Training using elements from the US Marshals Firearms Training Techniques, Defense Intelligence Agency Training, Central Intelligence Operator Training, , Police Training, I.C.E. Training Company Elements, FBI Firearms Instructor Training, NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home, USCCA Elements and lessons learned from actual events experienced throughout the world by our instructors.   Collectively utilizing all  our experiences, military training, real life events and our firearms training, CAFT has developed courses that are broader and more in depth in the level of training. Our training  is not restricted to one companies elements and beliefs. We have found that training based on one company has limits: "one size does NOT fit all".  Because of the exclusivity of our StressVest gear, CAFT includes scenario training in this course using the StressVest!  No other training company in the Southeast is capable of offering this level of training.  There is a difference between a simulation and a scenario. Scenario training gives you the most realistic training possible. Why do you think the police and military both use scenario training? The US Marshals just built a 16,000 square foot scenario training facility here in Birmingham to help train law enforcement using scenarios.

This class is not for beginners. The student must have prior military, law enforcement or prior handgun training.

Topics Covered:


Gun Safety

Defensive Shooting Techniques

Processing Information

Accuracy vs Precision


Firing Drills

Advanced  Drills

Dealing with Law Enforcement

Response and calling 911

Emergency Reloads

​Fundamental Drills

Scenario using StressVest or Simunition if the student wishes- not mandatory

Required Gear:

Modern firearm- (we do not recommend revolvers for this class)

• 250-300 rounds of ammunition, strong side outside the waistband holster (Kydex recommended), 3 magazines if double stack or 4 to 5 if single stack, mag carrier(s) for at least 2 mags

Cost $200.00 per person